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Save dialog hang
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I opened my laptop, decided I should save the doc I was working on in VE in case something got flaky, and then ironically/sadly the save dialog hung :/

Only thing relevant in the console is this: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Hung again later on a separate page, but with nothing interesting on the error console - page was

Looks like that one, somehow, I got logged out, because when I went to the page in a new window to copy/paste the text that was otherwise going to be lost, it forced me to log in again, so perhaps this is related to the spurious logout?

Maybe worth a separate bug:

  • hitting "esc" got me back to the text so I could copy/paste, but "resume editing" was a no-op; if the keyboard shortcut can work, the UI's button should as well.
  • in the few times I've had this problem, after I hit esc, and then hit save again, the save dialog reopens with the "saving animation" in the title bar going on already. Needless to say, hitting "save" a second/third/nth time does not save at this point.

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Happened two more times this afternoon, again with the weird logouts, again both on office wiki.

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I don't think the 404 is related. Has the issue been seen since mid July?

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I'm going to provisionally close this. I don't like so to do, but no reproduction steps and no reports of the same happening in six months.