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minerva links indistinguishable
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Description has no effect. affects vector but not minerva.

when viewing wikipedia on my phone the links are barely distinguishable from the surrounding text, and depending on lighting and/or eye fatigue, are often completely indistinguishable. so i set about trying to customize in some way to make them stand out, and after several hours of effort have utterly failed. there are seemingly endless pages with outdated or ineffective instructions, examples, or suggestions on the wikipedia and wikimedia sites. i found the underline links option on my preferences appearance subpage, and it has effect on my desktop, but not on my phone. if i specify ?useskin=minerva or ?useformat=mobile on my desktop, the mobile skin is rendered on my desktop, but with links not underlined regardless of the option setting. similarly my efforts to color the links failed. using i succeeded in setting link colors for vector, but not for minerva/mobile. if i specify ?useformat=desktop on my phone it does render the vector skin with the customized links, but adding that string to every url is certainly cumbersome, not to mention a poor (too wide) layout for the phone, requiring panning back and forth to read it. i would expect there's a simple solution, but it sure is evading me. so perhaps the primary "bug" is lack of organized documentation. perhaps there is a simple solution and i just haven't found it. also perhaps minerva links just can't be customized, and if so, that's a bug too.

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this morning my mobile/minerva renders pages with red underlined links. *even after* removing the contents of my minerva.css that customized links to be red. i removed the minerva content 43 minutes ago, and have cleared my browser cache, and still the links are red. so now i'm guessing the bug is that wherever i read that it can take 30 seconds for changes to propagate may well apply to changes affecting vector rendering, but apparently it takes far longer for changes in either my Gregrwm/minerva.css or common.css to take effect on minerva rendering!

Yeh common.css is disabled globally for the Minerva skin as various users reported broken mobile experiences with existing rules and it seemed safer. If you want us to revisit that please open a separate task and let's see if we can find a way forward.

minerva.css should just work, but as you noted there is a problem with it, that I raised a while ago. I thought that was fixed but obviously it hasn't - T102554