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Don't make donors guess minimum donation amount
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This is probably a duplicate bug.

When we display a minimum amount error, do all of the following:
a) Use very exact language to explain that you need to increase the amount
b) Say exactly what that minimum amount is,
c) Provide a button or link that populates your donation with this minimum amount.

It would be polite to also explain *why* we have a minimum amount, using some wording that doesn't pull our vendors' pants down wrt. our contractual processing fees.

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We have not seen any Zendesk tickets in the past 4 months where donors are unclear what the minimum is or how to change it.

Also, the proposed new answer about 'Why a minimum?' for the WMF FAQ is:

Our donations range widely in size, and we are pleased to offer as low a minimum as possible. The minimum donation is helpful in deterring unauthorized uses of financial information.

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Change 284367 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ejegg):
Turn on client-side amount validation for new forms

Change 284367 merged by jenkins-bot:
Turn on client-side amount validation for new forms

Note that we use an informative minimum amount message on client-side validation, we just aren't using it on the server. DataValidator currently just gets a boolean value back from validation functions - maybe let them return a message key and params too?

Maybe instead of validate_amount, validate_name, etc, we call the functions getAmountErrors, getNameErrors, etc.

Change 286261 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ejegg):
WIP encapsulated amount validation for better messages

Change 286261 merged by jenkins-bot:
Encapsulated amount validation for better messages