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ChangeTags::buildTagFilterSelector needs a context
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ChangeTags::buildTagFilterSelector is using wfMessage which results in use of global $wgTitle. It also using a config variable as global

A IContextSource should be added as parameter to this static function, which can be used to avoid the globals

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I cannot understand which repo this issue belongs to. I am new at this and it would be great if you could help

@Saptak013: Thanks for your interest! This is part of the MediaWiki core repository in Git/Gerrit. The file includes/changetags/ChangeTags.php should be related.

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Aklapper: Sorry, actually I got the answer to my question that's why I removed my comment.

ChangeTags::buildTagFilterSelector has global $wgUseTagFilter and $wgTitle doesn't exists.
Is the task only adding IContextSource as parameter to this function ?

The $wgTitle is not used directly, but the use of wfMessage results in a use of $wgTitle inside wfMessage (as written in the description)

Yes, this task is about adding the ContextSource to the function

@Umherirrender What I wanted to know was that if the task is to change instances of wfMessage with IContextSource in buildTagFilterSelectorChangeTags.php or simply add IContextSource as a parameter to the function?

Adding a IContextSource without replacement inside the code seems not very helpful, so yes, please change the global to use the context->getConfig->get and replace wfMessage to context->msg.

All callers should be updated, but also old callers of that function must work, so fall back to RequestContext::getMain, when the new added parameter is not set.

I see this bug is subtask of
I'll work on this and change instances of wfMessage in buildTagFilterSelector.

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I think this whole class needs refactoring to split the DB logic and presentation details.

Change 316063 had a related patch set uploaded (by Amritsreekumar):
ChangeTags::buildTagFilterSelector needs a context

Change 316063 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add a context to ChangeTags::buildTagFilterSelector

Change 316836 merged by jenkins-bot:
Provide context to ChangeTags::buildTagFilterSelector