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action=raw hook
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Author: thdemon

I wish for a hook to modify raw access to article data. This may be helpful to
prevent automatic content grabbing by bots for example.

Version: 1.8.x
Severity: enhancement
Platform: PC



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leon wrote:

Where should that hook be placed? What do you want to do with it/what parameter
should it pass?

thdemon wrote:

I want to replace text or textparts. Or better I hope to implement the following:

if ( !userIsLoggedin && !userIsBot ) {

addHook("rawEdit", "methodX");


methodX(string rawData) {

return "you are a bad robot";

robchur wrote:

Do we not have a generic action handler override hook? If not, do we want one?
If so, then implement that, rather than this. :)

leon wrote:

So I fixed that one (r19117), as I couldn't see that someone's going to write
Rob's super hook :)