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Enable the listing of content pages from Special:RecentChangesLinked when the associated talk page is linked.
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I'd like to use Special:RecentChangesLinked to filter the recent changes to articles that are associated to a particular WikiProject in Wikipedia. This would allow WikiProject members to more effectively patrol edits to pages related to their subject matter interests/expertise.

It's a common practice in Wikipedias to have WikiProjects "claim" articles using links to categories. Special:RecentChangesLinked is capable of using such categories to filter the RecentChanges feed. However, categories are usually added to article's associated talk pages.

While Special:RecentChangesLinked has an option to include edits to the "Associated namespace", selecting this option does not does not result in Article changes being included. See this query as an example of what I thought would work.

I propose that Special:RecentChangesLinked be altered to include edits to content namespaces (even numbers -- e.g. 0) when the talk namespace (odd numbers -- e.g. 1) are linked to the target page (e.g. Category:WikiProject Biology articles) and the "Associated namespace" option is selected.

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I used to run a bot that would recursively go through a WikiProject's category tree and dump a list of the subject pages so people could use RecentChangesLinked, and IIRC there were a few Toolserver tools that did this too.

But this request feels like a bad hack that we store WikiProject membership information on talk pages using antiquated templates, when we need something like T97210: MediaWiki extension for WikiProjects / on-wiki working groups instead.

I have no idea on how technically feasible this is though.

@Legoktm there is work on a project assessment database table that will be populated by a parser function. Ideally in the future there is a dedicated interface for this kind of thing but the approach to populate via parser function requires the least disruption. See T117142.

Also a highly related task: T117122.

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I'm merging this task into T117122 as that task has more details and comments. I will copy across the description here and the 2 comments above.