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Cascading Page Protection (tracking)
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Introduced in r19095; this is a tracking bug // bug for discussion of the new

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: enhancement



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michael.frey wrote:

When I'm on a page which is proctet by "cascading protection", I see an edit
button and not a "view source" button.

It's no importent bug, but it nice when it's fixed.

That should be in its own bug. In any case, we determined that this query was
too expensive to run every pageview, and explicitly prevented the software from
checking on page-view.

anyfile wrote:

It would be interesting if a parameter is passed to system messages

  • MediaWiki:Cascadeprotectedwarning
  • MediaWiki:Cascadeprotected
  • MediaWiki:Protect-cascadeon

If a parameter is passed to these system messages with the number of pages
listed below (the number of the page that are rcascading protected and that
include the target page), then these system messages could be written in such a
way, using the {{plural:}} function, to adjust the grammar to be singular or plural.

For instance in English, two different messages could be obtain

... because it is included in the following pages, which are protected ...
... because it is included in the following page, which is protected ...

using the following code
... {{plural:$1|because it is included in the following page, which is
protected|because it is included in the following pages, which are protected}}

(of course other wiki-code could by used and it would also possible to print the
number of the pages)

(for the use of plural see bug # 5005 5006 and

robchur wrote:

Please file a *separate* bug for each new request. This is a tracking bug.

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