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Remove db1002-db1007 from production
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Two patches uploaded to remove db1002-db1007 from puppet and dns totally so they can be removed from the datacenter. As stated in T103110#1442318 the servers are out of warranty. The disks from the servers may be reusable for other db hosts like db1050.

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Change 224560 had a related patch set uploaded (by John F. Lewis):
remove db100[2-7]{.mgmt}.eqiad.wmnet

Change 224558 had a related patch set uploaded (by John F. Lewis):
remove db100[2-7] from install_server and coredb

We can decommission, wipe the disks and leave them to be re-purposed for labs or whatever else we need. Once removed and wiped I will add to server spare list. I am going to probably remove one to cannibalize for disks and parts

Change 224560 merged by Andrew Bogott:
remove db100[2-7]{.mgmt}.eqiad.wmnet

WMF asset tags still exist in DNS. This is all yours now to do what ever you need to with these servers really.

  • Removed from icinga
  • Puppet certs revoked
  • Salt keys revoked

This has been completed