Add "InternalParseBeforeLinks" hook
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Author: steve

Semantic Mediawiki needs a hook which requires the user to edit parser.php each
time a new version of Mediawiki is installed. Since Semantic Mediawiki is (I
think) an important extension, it might be nice if the hook was simply added to

Semantic Mediawiki instructions:

Edit the file [wikipath]/includes/Parser.php. Insert the line

"wfRunHooks( 'InternalParseBeforeLinks', array( &$this, &$text, null ) );"
in the method "internalParse" right after the line
"$text = $this->replaceVariables( $text, $args );"

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement

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leon wrote:

I'm going to do that, but what should I pass null for?

Denny added a comment.Via ConduitMar 21 2007, 11:21 PM

You can actually safely remove the "null", this was just some legacy that
sneaked in.

We'd be obliged to see it happen :)

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