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Imagemap: Space after imagesize prevent thumbnailing
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A space after the imagesize prevent thumbnailing of the image, see

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: normal



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I think we should be able do trim the options list in makeImage, but I'm not
100% positive it won't affect other things, so I'll not commit, but just post
the patch here for another developer to look over. It should fix your problem,

Index: Parser.php

  • Parser.php (revision 19123)

+++ Parser.php (working copy)
@@ -4373,7 +4373,7 @@

  1. * center center the image
  2. * framed Keep original image size, no magnify-button.
  • $part = explode( '|', $options);

+ $part = array_map( 'trim', explode( '|', $options) );

$mwThumb  =& MagicWord::get( 'img_thumbnail' );
$mwManualThumb =& MagicWord::get( 'img_manualthumb' );

Seems okay after sitting on it awhile, applied in r20540