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detail now many XFP/SFP+ tranceivers are needed per peering site
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@faidon (or @mark):

We have a limited number of spare XFP @ codfw (2). As such, we'll need to order any XFP transceivers needed for eqdfw/eqord. Please detail how many XFP are needed @ each site.

There are 20+ spare sfp+ located @ codfw. We can order replacements as needed for what we ship to each site. Please detail how many of the SFP+ are needed @ each site.

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reclaiming as I chatted with mark about this in irc.

each router can handle 8. for chicago, shipping with them populated is ideal, since we don't have a local tech there. We want them to ship with at least 3-4 each.

I'll check the spares installed in cr1/2 in both codfw/eqiad. I'll follow up with Chris to get his spare levels on shelf.

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Papaul updated associate t107177 with the onsite xfp, so this is resolved.