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Notify user of blocked IP before the upload process starts, not when it completes
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Copy from Upload Wizard feedback (diff):

I uploaded a video file using the Upload Wizard, chose a license, came up with a descriptive file name, wrote a description in two languages, dated the file, and added proper categories, only for the upload to be rejected and all the this work go to waste because users behind a proxy service apparently can't upload files. I had to disconnect from the VPN and completely reupload the file (which was a PITA since it was a video file) and rewrite and re-apply all the metadata since none of that was saved either.
If it wasn't a cat video I wouldn't have bothered reuploading and rewriting everything.
Just a suggestion: you might want to let the user know they can't save their upload if they're behind a proxy service before they've spent 15 minutes uploading and looking for categories. The current approach results in waste of bandwidth and a waste of time. --

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I am unable to reproduce this issue locally. Blocked users (and users using blocked IP addresses) correctly receive an error message before they even see the form on Special:UploadWizard.

Perhaps the user was affected by some global block? If yes, this would be a duplicate of T111174. Sadly they have not provided the exact error message or their IP address, so I can't verify this.

I'm just going to assume this was a global block, since a proxy is likely to have been blocked globally and I'm fairly sure that local wiki blocks are handled correctly.

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