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Create video/audio transcode service to replace shell-outs to avconv/ffmpeg2theora
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TimedMediaHandler currently does transcoding by manually shelling out to ffmpeg2theora and avconv; while this is an easy way to leverage existing tools, it's tricky to manage job scheduling in a way that scales to both small and large-scale usage scenarios (eg prioritizing low-resolution transcodes to get playback working fast after upload).

I've started some research on how we might create our own transcoding service with more flexibility.

Thinking about using a nodejs-based server using an exteded version of my ogv.js framework, with native codec libraries plugged in instead of the emscripten cross-compiles. On the other hand, it may work just fine to keep using avconv/ffmpeg/whatever, with a nice service front-end that's easier to manage than the MW-based transcode job queue runners.

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