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Gadget-style in the Arabic Wikipedia causes styling issues in ContentTranslation
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There are two bugs in ContentTranslation, which disappear if I turn off Gadget-style: T105988 and T105938. The gadget is default, so it probably breaks ContentTranslation for a lot of Arabic Wikipedia users.

The gadget's files are Gadget-style.js and Gadget-style.css.

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We'll need cooperation from the Arabic Wikipedia community with this, because it's significantly more complicated than the usual gadget issues with which I deal. I emailed some contacts that I have about this.

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Hi @Amire80, I didn't find any issue in Arabic articles by ContentTranslation (tested in arwiki and enwiki), could you test it on different browser ? using another account ?

Hmm. I can consistently reproduce both T105938 and T105988 when "تحسينات المظهر" is checked, and if I uncheck it, then both bugs are gone. This happens in Chrome 43 and in Firefox 39.

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The remaining part is not within the CX code and will have to be handled in the gadget.

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The remaining part is not within the CX code and will have to be handled in the gadget.

Who is the maintainer of this gadget? Any plan to move forward?

There was one major issue, which Santhosh fixed in the CX side eventually.

There are smaller issues in this gadget, some of which affect CX, but there are many others, which affect other parts of MediaWiki. It seems to me that a lot of this gadget's functionality is about fixing RTL issues that are not relevant any longer with modern MediaWiki and can be removed, but this is really up to the Arabic Wikipedia community.

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