file:// external link incorrectly encodes spaces in Internet Explorer as %2520
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I was working with external link in visual editor. I believe I found a bug.
The file i have is located at: \\server_grp\folder\file test.pdf
I added the following in to the link: file://\\server_grp\folder\file%20test.pdf

In Chrome it shows: file://server_grp\folder\file%20test.pdf
But in IE it shows: file://server_grp\folder\file%2520test.pdf

With the %2520 rather than %20 as an extra, it causes the IE not to recognize the location.
Not sure what's going on here.


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Looks like i have found the issue.
If I were to use file://\\server_grp\folder\file%20test.pdf i would get 25 concatenated to the %20.
But if i were to use as file://///server_grp/folder/file%20test.pdf everything would work. For everybody information, you must use forward slash, must have "only" 5 forward slash after file, and must replace space with %20.
I can't wait for VE to allow spaces in the file:// external link and automatically concatenate %20.

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