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AstroPay gateway not incrementing order ID in some circumstances
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We should be sending a new order id (x_invoice) with every call to NewInvoice. This should be generated as ct_id.numAttempt.
There is logic to increment numAttempt and retry the api call every time we get a 'duplicate invoice' error message back, but in a lot of cases we seem to be repeatedly sending the same one.

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Note to self: numAttempt only gets incremented when you set a final status. Either the AstroPay adapter will have to redefine what numAttempt means (and increment it every time we call NewInvoice), or it will have to do something else to make the invoice ID unique

Change 227256 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ejegg):
Generate new order IDs for each NewInvoice call

Change 227256 merged by jenkins-bot:
Generate new order IDs for each NewInvoice call