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Archivebot failure for wikipedia:frr
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I've found these two failures and thing there were more:

FAIL: test_archivebot_frr (tests.archivebot_tests.TestArchiveBot)
Test archivebot for one site on wikipedia:frr
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/travis/build/wikimedia/pywikibot-core/tests/", line 651, in wrapped_method
    func(self, key)
  File "/home/travis/build/wikimedia/pywikibot-core/tests/", line 74, in test_archivebot
    self.assertIsInstance(thread.timestamp, datetime)
AssertionError: None is not an instance of <class 'datetime.datetime'>

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The frr case appeared first on T69663#1376125 . Prior problems were only on de.wp and other wikis where unsigned comments were appearing on Xqt's talk page.

Mpaa added a subscriber: Mpaa.Jul 17 2015, 8:00 PM

Why the debug code we added for T69663 did not output anything? Any clue?

It did for the second (more recent) case, but at the place where it happened:

:Ich habe diese Seite durchaus auch unter Beobachtung ;) &nbsp;<small>[[Benutzer Diskussion:Xqt|@]]</small>[[Benutzer:Xqt|xqt]] 12:43, 20. Now. 2011 (CET)
::Danke für Deine Rückmeldung!
::Ich hatte in den letzten Tagen zahlreiche ähnliche Links auf Benutzerseiten gesetzt, weil viele Bots und User ihre frr-Userseiten leider nicht auf ihrer Beo haben. Falls Du frr-Fragen lieber auf dieser Seite beantworten möchtest, dann lösch den Link (oben) doch bitte wieder. Bitte entschuldige meine Übereifrigkeit. --[[Benutzer:Murma174|Murma174]] 12:56, 20. Now. 2011 (CET)

The date time format looks normal, especially as it is almost 4 years old. What might be happening that the month name changed and is not “Now” anymore?

Mpaa added a comment.Jul 18 2015, 3:07 PM

It looks it is not changed,

"query": {
    "allmessages": [
            "name": "nov",
            "*": "Now."

And running offline, python -m unittest tests.archivebot_tests.TestArchiveBot

2 Threads found on [[wikipedia:frr:Benutzer Diskussion:Xqt]]
2010-08-21 09:04:00+02:00
2011-11-20 12:56:00+02:00

which looks OK (except tzone ...)

09:04, 21. Aug. 2010 (UTC)
12:56, 20. Now. 2011 (CET)

No clue ...

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The month name has been changed someday. Don't think that we should care about it any longer