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add tracking category for imagemap errors. add imagemap tag to the prop list for "Special:PagesWithProp"
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basically, whenever imagemap displays an error message (any system message whose name begins
"imagemap_(bad|invalid|no|missing|polly_odd|unrecognised)" ), the page should be added to some tracking category.

a second, unrelated request lumped into this item: create a new prop value with PagesWithProp for pages with imagemap, similar to "score".


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Change 324722 had a related patch set uploaded (by FreedomFighterSparrow):
Add a page prop and a tracking category for errors

Anybody wants to review this? Basically I just copied stuff over from extension:Score, even though there's no indication if their way is the recommended one.

@IKhitron, nothing new, and I'm sorry to say this is usually what happens when I try to make small contributions - I have no idea how to attract +2 commiters to them... and I believe ImageMap has no specific ownership I'll try adding @Tgr as a reviewer, since he is the only listed member in the ImageMap project on Phabricator.

Thank you, @FreedomFighterSparrow, but as I know there were problems in the review you already get from the reviewer I found for you. Did you fix them? Thank you.

Eran's comments? Yeah, a long time ago. You can see everything looking at
the change (

Hello, @Aklapper. Is there something to do, when the developer disappears in the middle of the second review? Thank you.

I don't know what you refer to ("second review"?), sorry. See my previous comment for contact information - thanks!

I saw it, but this is something different. I don't how else I can say second review. "There was first review, and this is the next"? I'm sure you know what is second and what is review, so this will not help.

Hello, @Aklapper. Is there something to do, when the developer disappears in the middle of the second review? Thank you.

Sometimes people get busy or have other things. If you need help getting a patch reviewed, you can try asking on MediaWiki-General irc channel. I'll try and look at this patch later on today.

@IKhitron, I'm still around. I just did not have the time to deal with @Tgr's review, as I did this fix as a distraction, and according to the best practices I could find (as in, copied everything from extension:Score, assuming what was good enough for one deployed extension would be good for another). I probably need to rollback the exceptions I added, and that's it.

@IKhitron, I did quite a bit of work on this, even though this isn't really relevant to me (I don't even use this extension myself). I fixed each and every one of @Tgr's comments since the last time you pushed for this. @eranroz did a +1 review, but I have no way of forcing someone to actually go through a +2 review. It also seems some work was done on this extension since then, which requires a proper rebase - I think I'm done for now.

(Assigning for multimedia team for review)

Cparle added a subscriber: Cparle.

Will try to get a code review in on this this week

Hi @FreedomFighterSparrow - seeing as it looks like you're ok with implementing @Bawolff 's suggestion, is it ok if I assign this back to you?