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Source link card pointing to the wrong article
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Translating "Plants in space" from English to Spanish I selected the "EEI" text (Spanish initials for the International Space Station, ISS in English) and I got two link cards: (a) one pointing to the International Space Station article in Spanish ("Estación Espacial Internacional") as the target card, and another one pointing to the "Edison Electric Institute" in English as the source card.

I'd expect the source card to point to the International Space Station article in English which is the equivalent article in English according to Wikidata.

When fixing this, it would be great to create a specific test case to avoid regressions, since I think this seems an issue we already fixed in the past.

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Removing from the sprint, but should be tested after resolving T85932.

Adding to the sprint for Runa to test.

The problem that @Pginer-WMF spotted still exists. See image:

However, something seems broken in here with this particular link. Although the en and es articles are connected through Wikidata, the link is not getting automatically adapted. See below:

Are you talking about the International Space Station link? I see that it is adapted now. Could it be a glitch?..

In any case, yes, this is still a bug.