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The source link card is missing when selecting text from source
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While translating "Plants in space" I selected "spaceflight" from the source text and I was expecting a source card to appear. No cards were shown.

When trying the same on the translation text (selecting "spaceflight"), both cards (English article and missing link card) were shown, as it would be expected if the article didn't exist in Spanish.

However the "spaceflight" article exists in both English and Spanish. So I'd expect both cards to be shown when selecting the text either in the source or translation texts.

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(1) In CX2 selecting words in a source article will not display the link card anymore

(2) A more curios thing - Apertium does not translate "spaceflight", but keep it in the translated text as it is:

Creciendo plantas en espaciales puede proporcionar un beneficio psicológico a humano spaceflight tripulaciones.

The article with the title "spaceflight" does not exist in eswiki - so no suggestions when a user select the word and attempt to insert a link will be given.

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 5.28.20 PM.png (370×824 px, 101 KB)

(3) Google Translate and Yandex do translate "spaceflight"

El cultivo de plantas en el espacio puede proporcionar un beneficio psicológico para las tripulaciones de los vuelos espaciales tripulados.

But the suggestions will be given only when the exact match for the existing article ("Vuelo espacial") will be selected. Possibly it can be improved, but it's a subject for a different task.

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(1) In CX2 selecting words in a source article will not display the link card anymore

That's expected to be solved as part of T197075: CX2: Show link card for source links.
Since the current ticket (intended to fix an issue of CX1) no longer makes sense, I'll mark it as invalid to avoid confusion.