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Upgrade Vega to version 2.0
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Upgrade to the latest published Vega version

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I have implemented v2 support in graphoid (needs to be deployed), and was hoping for the POST storage to be done (services team). I am now thinking that i will migrate to v2 before it gets ready.

Today I deployed Graphoid with vega2 support. Now <graph vega="2"> can contain vega2 code, but it won't work yet - I still need to change the generated service URL, or you can try it manually:

If you create a page on any production wiki with <graph vega="2">...</graph>, and instead of using #1, which is the current way of getting the static image, and #2, which is what #1 becomes internally, use #3 to specify which vega version should be used. Supported values: vega0, vega1, vega2. The vega0 is a "magic" version - it tries version 2, and if failed, it attempts to automatically migrate v1 -> v2 by replacing "field":"" with "field":"xxx". If that also fails, version 1 is used.

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