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Upgrade beta to Elasticsearch 1.7.0
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Ran into small issue with es-tool, there is an IndentationError in the current script. Waiting on to perform the rolling restart

Upgrade completed, but I'm not sure if this was a reasonable test of freezing/thawing the indexes. I did a reboot of a single machine without freezing/thawing so I could see what it did under the "old" circumstances, then rebooted the rest of the machines with mediawiki (and apifeatureusage) writes disabled. In both cases es-tool reported unassigned shards on its first loop, and all green 60s later.

I don't think this indicates any problem, just that the issues we experience in production with extended downtime after reboot might not be (easily) recreatable in the beta cluster.

Based on the server logs (/var/log/elasticsearch/beta-search.log) it looks like all writes were stopped as expected.

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