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Diagnose then fix orphan Flow board on
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For some reason, wasn't moved to Talk:Web_APIs_hub when @Qgil moved its associated article on July 8 to Web APIs hub.

If Special:MovePage did not report an error when Qgil moved the article then that seems a bug. I don't know how to create Flow boards on to try to reproduce this possible bug, and I don't have the "Create Flow boards in any location" permission so I can't move this orphaned Flow board and its subpages.

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I don't recall any error. Then again, I move pages almost blindly so I can not assure that I payed all the attention either.

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Meanwhile, can a short term fix be found for ? The old discussion page is "lost" and inaccessible. If someone creates a new topic now, the problem might get bigger.

Can the Flow board be moved manually?

The original report just said the page was not moved.

I see there is a test/hello world post from June 20 (before the move). What is inaccessible?

@DannyH, can you move to Talk:Web_APIs_hub , but leave this open (so we can check if it properly errors)?

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Thank you! The diagnosis seems to be simple: I didn't have permissions to move Flow boards, so no Flow board was moved.


Yes, but arguably it should block you from moving the content page too (to preserve consistency), or at least ask you if you want to move the content page despite being unable to move talk.

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