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Allow amending the article creation comment while publishing
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Matthiasb asked at

"For years it has been common to include the name of a portal or a wiki project associated with a new article, therefore it should be possible to ammend the edit comment the tool is providing. Please note that I don't request the possibility to give a totally own edit comment. Also in future, it should be enforced the note that an article was created by the tool."

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I think that providing an option for users to give more context to the article creation is a valid case. However, I'd try to support it in a way that does not implies an additional effort for users that just want to get the translation published without such details.

Having a description text that the users can edit at anytime while translating and gets added to the summary once the article is published. I can explore some possible designs for it.

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Hi, our community at had a contenttranslation translate-a-thon during the Independence month of our country [[id:Wikipedia:Wiki17an]]. Usually in an edit-a-thon like this, entry articles are tagged using the keyword present in the summary line (e.g. the filter for tagging previous wikisprint [[id:Istimewa:Filter_penyalahgunaan/35]]) Now, can the CT enable the summary line like the classic interface for this and for various other reason? Thanks.