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Streamline desktop GUI for readers
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The mobile frontends have been doing a fantastic job of simplifying the reading UI, while still providing editing features that appear only when activated. Let's do something similar on desktop.

Surely this is a duplicate task?

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@awight I think there are a lot of other related tasks. Let's pull in a few more people to find them and have a conversation about where mobile is in general.

Is there a specific reason you would like us to get desktop parity? It may not be what we need to go for.

I propose defining the personas we are building for and the tasks we specifically need those personas to be able to do. (As for pragmatic personas, we have a casual reader, active reader, new editor, active editor, power editor and a vandal.)

Once we define which personas and the tasks we need to make sure they can do, we can assess where mobile is and where we need to go. I think generally this would be a great exorcize for us all to do if it hasn't been done already. Has anything like this been done already? If so would you please share?

+ @Capt_Swing @dchen, @ggellerman, @KHammerstein, @pizzzacat, @Vibhabamba, @MSyed @Pginer-WMF @violetto, @Nirzar

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awight updated the task description. (Show Details)Jul 22 2015, 1:10 AM

@aripstra: Thanks, I've weakened "get parity", it was too specific. I heard sentiments from a few people stating that readers and editors have different UI needs, and I personally like where mobile is going--unfortunately, that's all the history I can provide at the moment. I'll dig around for prior art, and post it here if I find any...

Ooh, a related idea I heard bounced around at Wikimania: Some people don't like having admin privileges enabled all the time, cos those buttons are nuclear. These people would like to show and hide the admin actions, without having to log out and back in using a sockpuppet, or a second browser.

Also, it's probably desirable to restore previous visibility settings during login so that, for example, people who like having the red button unsheathed at all times can have that without doing anything special.

Are you planning to make this task a tracking task of some kind?

aripstra moved this task from Backlog to Team Radar on the Design-Research-Backlog board.

Taking design research off this ticket until it is better defined.

Are you planning to make this task a tracking task of some kind?

@awight: Any thoughts on this question? I think it's difficult to make forward progress on this task while the task itself remains so vague and disconnected from other related tasks.

This doesn't seem to take off as a tracking bug. And as much as I understand the underlying sentiment, I think it's better to close this task as invalid within the next weeks. cc: @Aklapper

Volker_E closed this task as Invalid.Dec 25 2019, 1:18 AM

After another 3.5 years without any traction, let's close this.
Desktop Improvements is the project space where related questions are best-funneled into.