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Change user namespace name for Latvian Wikipedia
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Please, change name of user namespace in Latvian Wikipedia, and enable gender distinction. Of course, keep Lietotājs and Lietotāja diskusija as aliases.


  • Lietotājs -> Dalībnieks
  • Lietotāja diskusija -> Dalībnieka diskusija


$wgExtraGenderNamespaces = array(
	NS_USER => array( 'male' => 'Dalībnieks', 'female' => 'Dalībniece' ),
	NS_USER_TALK => array( 'male' => 'Dalībnieka_diskusija', 'female' => 'Dalībnieces_diskusija' )

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Can we do this for all lv wikis rather than just Latvian Wikipedia?

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I don't think we add good first task for config tasks.

Change 234981 had a related patch set uploaded (by MarcoAurelio):
Changing user and user talk namespace name for Latvian wikis

Change 234981 merged by jenkins-bot:
Changing user and user talk namespace name for Latvian wikis

MarcoAurelio closed this task as Resolved.Aug 31 2015, 8:00 PM

The patch I submitted has been merged, the change will have effect in the next days or weeks. Thanks.

Edgars2007 reopened this task as Open.Jan 14 2016, 11:43 AM

@MarcoAurelio @Glaisher
Gender distinction part isn't working. See for example this page. The page title should be "Dalībniece:Ingii", because she has set her gender as woman.

No, I didn't notice it only now, I just finally decided to bring this to you.

I see, that Latvian has wgExtraGenderNamespaces variable, but Germans are using namespaceGenderAliases (I assume, this is the right file; couldn't find anything else) variable. That is the issue?

Language::getGenderNsText() looks for both $wgExtraGenderNamespaces and $namespaceGenderAliases and just combines those two arrays to get the gender text so technically these variables should actually have the same effect from what I see. $namespaceGenderAliases is just an "internal" global variable while the $wgExtraGenderNamespaces is a config variable for use by sysadmins. I do not know why it's not taking effect.

I just looked at wmf-config. The default set for $wgExtraGenderNamespaces overrides the core config and sets it back to array() again.

Change 264298 had a related patch set uploaded (by Glaisher):
Change $wgExtraGenderNamespaces to $namespaceGenderAliases in MessagesLv

Change 264298 merged by jenkins-bot:
Change $wgExtraGenderNamespaces to $namespaceGenderAliases

Glaisher closed this task as Resolved.Jan 15 2016, 5:45 PM

Change will take effect with the next core update.