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WikiEditor leaves style="position: static;" behind on the <body>
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  2. Inspect <body>

Actual behaviour:

An attribute style="position: static;" is created at run time. Setting an attribute breakpoint reveals this is done by the WikiEditor toolbar module:

		$.eachAsync( sectionQueue, {
			'bulk': 0,
			'end': function () {
				// HACK: Opera doesn't seem to want to redraw after these bits
				// are added to the DOM, so we can just FORCE it!
				var oldValue = $( 'body' ).css( 'position' );
				$( 'body' ).css( 'position', 'static' );
				$( 'body' ).css( 'position', oldValue );

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Change 226333 had a related patch set uploaded (by TheDJ):
Toolbar: Remove Opera redraw hack

Change 226333 merged by jenkins-bot:
Toolbar: Remove Opera redraw hack

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