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Remember user corrections on MT and suggest them later in similar situations
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When MT is available some terms get always translated wrong (e.g., the surname "Black" being translated as the color). This results in the user repeatedly correcting the same error again and again.
Once the user modifies a word, we may want to either:

  • Automatically correct the next time it appears in a similar context (and provide a way to revert the correction)
  • Highlight that a suggestion is available to allow the user to quickly apply it.

Since articles are about a specific topic, chances are that the issues repeat during the process of translating it. This could be considered a kind of translation memory for the scope of the current article.

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The described issue seems to be the cause of the request in this conversation.

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A user mentioned another issue related to this:

It always translates strings, as in string section, as "cadenas" (meaning chains) and not "cuerdas". I guess it is used a lot in computer related texts but never in music.

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Thanks for the support to the idea @He7d3r. Surfacing this ticket also helped me to identify it as a duplicate of T96165, where you can find more details on the proposed solution.