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Enrich articles with metadata
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This was discussed at various places but did not seem to have its own bug so far. is a metadata standard used by search engines. Google, Bing and similar search engines consume markup on web pages and use it to weigh the content better, provide rich search results, and presumably to enrich Knowledge Graph and similar semantic databases. By providing metadata Wikipedia articles could become easier to find. defines various content types; some of these are highly relevant to Wikipedia, e.g. MedicalEntity and its subtypes, MedicalSignOrSymptom, Country / City, CreativeWork subtypes, Corporation... markup is used to annotate existing text content, not to add new, invisible content, so it's not clear how an attempt to add it to Wikimedia content should look like - a new software feature? a wikiproject? a mix of the two? Nevertheless, until we figure out, it's nice to have a central place for dicussion.

See also:

  • T106651 in emails
  • T33338 OpenGraph (another major metadata standard, more focused on creating snippets for sharing on social sites)

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In T64811#667863, @greg wrote:

See also:

That extension was written to implement metadata (Full disclosure: I funded Max Klein to lead the effort, who subcontracted out to Yaron to write the extension, again, through my work at Creative Commons). It can probably be extended to fit multiple use-cases including twittercards, fb fauxpen graph, etc, if wanted.

Seems to me fixed by T130034: Set $wgAllowMicrodataAttributes = true for all wikis by default - please verify and close if that applies. Thanks.

Enabled but not fixed. Although if you think it should be handled entirely by the existing content mechanisms such as templates and no software support is needed, this should probably be closed as invalid. IMO at least schema validation by MediaWiki would be nice.

@Tgr I can't imagine off head how the editable page content could be automagically enriched with metadata. On the other hand I agree that validation should be done. Let's keep it open then. Thanks for clarification.

Kingsley left a related comment here about which URLs to use as property values: