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Fix search bar in IE (11?)
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Hi when viewing it doesent show the search bar but the search bar is there. It seems to be hidden could this be fixed please.

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I can see the search bar fine

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 4.48.09 PM.png (589×924 px, 79 KB)
It could be a screen size issue, can you please add a screenshot?

Screenshot (2).png (768×1 px, 103 KB)

This is what it looks like on internet explorer 11 windows 10.

But works for me on chrome seems to be having a problem on internet explorer.

@Paladox Is the search bar not focusable or might it be, that just the search icon isn't shown? Can you click into the search field and type something?

Tried typing something but the letter doint show but the search suggestion does. If I add width to the icon I can see icon but still not able to see letters I type.

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I can reproduce that on Win7/IE11. It's a padding/height issue.

Re opening as it is still a problem for ie.

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Via Web · Thu, Aug 13, 1:13 PM
background-size: 3em; is causing the problem.

Fixed in IE11 on master! Not yet there on as repo must be actualized there.

T106683-search-bar-fixed-in-IE11.png (674×1 px, 111 KB)