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Better communicate auto-save the first time
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Auto-save is designed to not get in the way: you just type and the content is saved in the background. However, users may be used to the explicit save that is common in other parts of the wiki.

We can do the following:

  • For the first time the content is saved, highlight the initial saving indicator by making it more prominent.
  • When the user hovers or clicks the saving indicator, show a tooltip that explains the content is saved automatically, users can continue their work from the Contributions page, and "crt+s" can be used if they want anyways.

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This comment illustrates a case where the user left an incomplete draft without knowing the draft remain saved and thought the work was lost.

According to this comment the current way to communicate auto-saving was not only noticeable but too prominent, causing distraction.

One way to reconcile both contrasting requirements (being missed and too prominent) could be to make it, for each translation, more prominent on the initial save, and less prominent than what it is now for the following.