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Don't use WikiMap for creating links to the central wiki on Special:Preferences / provide config var(s) to override WikiMap on sites which do not use $wgConf
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When enabled, GlobalCssJs adds a "Shared CSS/JavaScript for all wikis" entry to the Appearance tab on Special:Preferences, right below "Shared CSS/JavaScript for all skins:". The links to the user's personal global.css and global.js pages are not generated at all if and when $wgConf isn't defined -- and that's the case for many non-Wikimedia wiki farms.

We need at least some kind of a configurable override to allow specifying the base URL in GlobalCssJsHooks::makeCentralLink. For ShoutWiki, I literally commented out the original WikiMap code and replaced it with this filthy hack:

			return '<a class="external" href="' .
				htmlspecialchars( $title->getPrefixedText(), ENT_QUOTES ) .
				'">' . htmlspecialchars( $message, ENT_QUOTES ) . '</a>';

Needless to say that this isn't exactly a scalable solution and it makes upgrading the extension harder, too.

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Change 226659 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jack Phoenix):
Don't require $wgConf in order to generate correct URLs on a wiki farm

Change 226659 merged by jenkins-bot:
Don't require $wgConf in order to generate correct URLs on a wiki farm