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Citing gives Reuters as a work, should be agency
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When citing ex. Citoid adds Reuters as a work, whenit should be added as an agency.

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The metadata says "publicationTitle":"Reuters". This may be true, but it should not be referred to as a "work" when citing on Wikipedia, but as an "agency" (There is a parameter for that in cite news). On all wikis, tranlsated of course.

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We're using Zotero's data model behind the scenes here, and I'm not sure there's an appropriate translation of agency?

Does anything look appropriate there?

At some point relatively soon Zotero is changing the data model, so now is a good time to suggest an addition of fields to various itemTypes to them. You can tag the issue with the add-fields tag:

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I don't know about this. Reuters is the work if the source is If source is X Regional News and they're repeating a Reuters story, we would want the source as the newspaper and Reuters as the supplying agency (story still needs to be verifiable, after all), but if there is no original newspaper cited, then the source/work is indeed Reuters.

On Zotero not having a parameter for this, I don't see it as being an issue. An academic citation (and thus Zotero) wouldn't care whether the report originated in Reuters. Accordingly, the Zotero translators aren't scraping for whether a story originated in AP/Reuters. The Wikipedia CS1 agency field is for those who want to manually fill it in.

Mvolz added a comment.Mar 14 2017, 2:18 PM

There's no zotero field for agency, so I don't think this is really something we'll ever fix? Maybe something to request in ?

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