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Not all Sans serif Greek appear in SVG mode
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Only about half the San serif Greek characters appear in the table at when using SVG in chrome.

Looks like its a purging problem. As if you modify the latex slightly the characters appear, they are also present in the background image.

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Can you post a screenshot? For me it looks like this

Screenshot 2015-07-25 20.34.41.png (860×800 px, 127 KB)

Seems to have cured itself now. Is there still the action=purge&mathpurge=true option to force regeneration of images? Thats mentioned in Help:Formula but it might be out of date.

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Yes. mathpurge is still the way to go
T74537 is not trival to fix since the math extension can not access the action specificied.
I'm closing this task for now, feel free to reopen.