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Project Name: mediawiki-docker

Purpose: Develop Docker container configurations for managing and deploying full MediaWiki (and support application) stacks.

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So I think projects should have a very specific purpose, rather than being overly broad. Something along the lines of 'project to experiment with using docker to deploy services' would be a better fit than 'docker'. Also I highly reccomend syncing up with the services team and release engineering team before doing this - I already know they are doing a bunch of work around this, and might have a project you can join / help with.

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@yuvipanda Do you have someone specific in mind that can be CCed on this task?

Suggested project goals:

  1. Develop, test and publish Docker configuration for running a full stack MediaWiki install including MediaWiki, Parsoid and VisualEditor.
  2. Stack should be able to link with a Docker container hosting MySQL or an externally hosted MySQL instance.
  3. Stack should include a storage container for configuration (LocalSettings.php) and another for uploaded content (images, generated thumbnails).
  4. Document and if possible create tooling for updating MediaWiki, Parsoid, VE and other extensions without data/configuration loss.
  5. Publicize project results and attract a community to help support the resulting project as an easy install mechanism for MediaWiki usage "in the cloud"

Myself, @GWicke, folks from the Release-Engineering-Team team, and @MarkAHershberger and other mw-stakeholders participants could be tapped for ideas, implementation assistance and testing.

^ sounds great :) if you are interested in this I can create the project as mediawiki-docker

^ sounds great :) if you are interested in this I can create the project as mediawiki-docker

Sounds good. Docker seems a bit too broad.