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mw-ui-checkbox control does not respond in Opera 12.17
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In Opera (Presto), the checkbox does not respond to clicks, but it does change state when clicking the associated label.

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I have Opera 12.16 (on Linux) but I observe the same bug. I don’t know how to solve it, but here are some elements.

  1. The file where the checkbox behaviour is defined is resources/src/mediawiki.ui/components/checkbox.less, and specifically the rule .client-js .mw-ui-checkbox:not(#noop) { input[type="checkbox"] { & + label::before { } } }
  2. When I click on the ckeckbox, the check doesn’t appear but appears when my mouse hovers the label associated (on the login page)
  3. The selectors used in the rule (not, +, ::before) are implemented at least since Opera 10 / Presto 2.3, but it seems Opera 12 doesn’t fully recognize the combinaison of the selectors, at least not as other browsers / rendering engines (Firefox, Opera 15+).
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