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Email notifications for reassigning/claim should be consistent with web interface
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When viewing T106897#1485594 through the web interface, it shows
yuvipanda reassigned this task from Krenair to coren.

but the email notification for that says
coren claimed this task.

Expected: In email also, it should be yuvipanda reassigned this task from Krenair to coren. for consistency.
Also my understanding is that "claimed this task" means "User A claimed the task on their own" not "User B assigned this task to User A". so it's kind of misleading.

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Glaisher added a project: Phabricator.
Glaisher added a subscriber: Glaisher.
scfc claimed this task.

I assume you confused this with another task. My mail notification for that event was:

yuvipanda reassigned this task from Krenair to coren.
yuvipanda added a subscriber: yuvipanda.

but you don't appear in the Cc list at all:

To: coren, yuvipanda
Cc: yuvipanda, coren, Merl, Andrew, liangent, MZMcBride,
Nemo_bis, Vituzzu, Mjbmr, Dapete, Legoktm, Matanya,
Dereckson, Sitic, Ricordisamoa, Billinghurst, Pathoschild,
gerritbot, scfc, Krenair, Krinkle, Aklapper, Gryllida,
jayvdb, Malyacko, P.Copp

Indeed, my bad. :) That was T106963#1485598 which happened at the same time and I saw the other task's change on IRC. Thanks.