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Wrong accesskeys in tooltips
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Author: inbox

The accesskeys added to the tooltips by wikibits.js are incorrect for Firefox
2.0. They are reported as ctrl+shift+x, instead of alt-shift-x.

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: normal
OS: Linux
Platform: PC



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ayg wrote:

According to the code, FF on X11 uses Ctrl-Shift-, on Windows it uses Alt-Shift-. That's showing
correctly for me on Windows. Is the issue that 1) it's showing as Ctrl-Shift- on Windows, or 2)
it should be Alt-Shift- on X11 too?

inbox2 wrote:

The Firefox release notes confirm the Unix shortcut is ctrl-shift- However,
this is not what I'm experiencing in practice (SuSE 10.0, GNOME/KDE/FVWM.) I
also didn't notice anyone complaining that the shortcut text was wrong (it did
say alt-shift- until recently.)

Created attachment 3119
ui.key.* settings from Firefox on Windows, Linux, and Mac

Seeing this also on Ubuntu 6.10, both with the provided Firefox 2.0 and a
freshly downloaded Ctrl+shift does nothing; alt+shift does access

The heck? The release notes appear to be lies. Yay! :)


firefox-2-ui-key.png (621×621 px, 47 KB)