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Add responsive design to window sizes between 895px and 1165px
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When resizing my window, there is a 'deadzone' of unresponsive-ness between 895px and 1165px.
The width should keep expanding for those last 270px

Screenshot from 2015-07-28 17:19:59.png (775×749 px, 159 KB)

Screenshot from 2015-07-28 17:20:05.png (775×848 px, 164 KB)

Screenshot from 2015-07-28 17:20:12.png (775×908 px, 164 KB)

Screenshot from 2015-07-28 17:20:15.png (775×983 px, 166 KB)

Screenshot from 2015-07-28 17:20:22.png (775×1 px, 168 KB)

Screenshot from 2015-07-28 17:20:28.png (775×1 px, 205 KB)

Screenshot from 2015-07-28 17:20:36.png (775×1 px, 206 KB)

reported at

See also T93675: Should be a standard way to access tablet browser width threshold

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I recall that numbers were calculated for the sizes to be the same before and after each breakpoint. It may be a good idea to find the original ticket where the sidebar was discussed to check the values, or do the calculations again.

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