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[WMDE-Fundraising] Estimate effort: english donation pages and form
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Please estimate the tasks and effort needed to provide a complete donation process in english (translations would be provided). All pages of would need to be dublicated. Only the membership process shall not be provided in english which means that the english donation confirmation page would not contain the membership call to action and application form.

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We have decided to use Extension:Translate to handle multilingual page templates.

Estimates (story points) of tasks recognized as parts of making donation pages multilingual have been gathered below:

  • Deleting outdated and unused templates: 3
  • Installing Extension:Translate: 2
  • Marking messages in existing content: 5
  • Change Extension:ContentStaging
    • Consider all translation subpages when staging content: 3
    • Check translation status of a page before staging and reject if there are untranslated messages: 5
  • Collecting hard-coded text: 8
  • adding translation mechanism for in-code text: 3
  • Replace all the hard coded text with the the internationalized text: 13
  • Adding a possibility to switch language version of the donation page: 5
  • changes in browser tests: 3
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