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ULS tests fail in bypassed target mode
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Various test fail when run in plain mode (check out @Krinkle patch I69f735eb56c1362189298d9859d3add576faaadb to test)

Run > grunt qunit in the mediawiki core directory
Tests should be amended so this works.

The problematic tests are:
ext.uls Initial check FAILED: Unfinished AJAX request.
ext.uls User preferences FAILED: Options saving API did not produce an error. Expect: true. Actual: false.

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I don't currently have a way to run grunt qunit. Is there any info why these tests would fail standalone?

You can test plain mode at http://localhost:8888/w/index.php/Special:JavaScriptTest/qunit/plain?hidepassed

I just did and there are no ULS failures so I guess this is fixed.