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Remove docroot:/images/mobile in favour of docroot:/static/images/mobile
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/static/images was created in 145f5cea9f324137512101eb6f42458c91bfe40c as copy of /images/, and the latter was left behind as stale copy (not a symlink).

Some of the files in there are now out of sync. For example, wikipedia-wordmark-en.png has a registered trademark icon in /static/images/mobile/ the version in /images/mobile does not.

They also don't benefit from the cache rules set up for /static.

mobile static Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 05.16.10.png (922×1 px, 229 KB)

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Low because it is "a nice thing to do" (aka #TODO), but it is not breaking something right now (feel free to correct me).

The main impact from this is organisational overhead (they are outdated copies, possibly sending the wrong versions of production site logos to users), and minor performance impact because this is a non-standard top-level directory not declared anywhere in our traffic rules.

It's not benefitting gzip (which negatively impacts user bandwidth use for all files in this directory), and it's not benefitting cache collapsing from Varnish for de-duplication across domains. Which is set up for /static.

I agree it's not high priority, though.

@Jdlrobson: I tagged Readers-Web-Backlog as I don't feel comfortable updating use of these files myself. They are different and have diverged since. I don't know to what extent those changes were intentional.

Change 270471 had a related patch set uploaded (by Krinkle):
Update mobile config to use /static/images instead of deprecated /images

Change 270471 merged by jenkins-bot:
Update mobile config to use /static/images instead of deprecated /images

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