Make it possible to link to individual dashboards via a URL
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User story: As a product owner, I want to give stakeholders links to specific dashboards so that they can see exactly the data that concerns them

Example: I want to link to the zero results rate dashboard directly, but it doesn't seem possible to build a URL that can do that. I have to give people a link to and then ask them to click on the zero results rate tab.

What I'd love: to link to the summary tab in the zero results rate tab.

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Each tab now has a URL at the bottom that you can copy-paste to link people to that tab. e.g.

P.S. @Ironholds Sorry for deploying without getting the code reviewed first. (Had to deploy to make sure the URLs worked.)

P.P.S. GitHub uses ZeroClipboard library to have buttons that copy stuff to user's clipboard. I think it'd add more overhead than usefulness, but I wanted to mention it just in case.

P.P.P.S. @Ironholds you were right. The jQuery code was in an old gist of mine.

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Nice work!