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Python packaging for getting ORES into production
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First level dependencies, with ones that already have packages crossed out:

  1. celery
  2. docopt
  3. flask
  4. flask-jsonpify
  5. mediawiki-utilities
  6. pylru
  7. redis
  8. revscoring
  9. stopit
  10. yamlconf
  11. socketIO-client

Follow-up: Upstream to maintainers and

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\o/ only python3-sklearn is missing. for stopit. I'm converting all of these to use gbp layout as I import them. as well.

pylru is no longer needed, I think - it degrades gracefully into using redis. I can't find it in any current requirements.txt

mwapi is now operatons/debs/python-mwapi

And @Halfak says 'mediawiki-utilities' is going to go away :)

jsonable in operations/debs/python-jsonable

And mwtypes in operations/debs/python-mwtypes

I've... changed my mind a bit recently about shipping debian/ folders in upstream. See for rationale.

So I'm trying to move as many of these as possible into separate debian repos/directories. Have submitted PRs to @Halfak for deltas and yamlconf. Not exactly sure what to do about flask-jsonpify. @Halfak also mentioned we can drop the mediawiki-utilities dependency very easily.

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Alas, debian packages are not a good idea for this use case - too much work. Will use wheels instead - See T128110