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Create a QuickSurveys extension
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Create a new extension (git+gerrit repository) that will contain the quick surveys feature (see T104439).


  • We have a git repo with gerrit ready for CR.
  • Repo contains basic folder structure for php and frontend sources (i18n, resources, includes folders, Gruntfile, jshint, jscs)

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It's possible we could add this functionality to
"The SecurePoll extension is a special page extension for elections, polls and surveys."

Not sure if in article surveys would be better there or in a new extension but we should check. @Moushira would you be able to check that? Ping @Jalexander who might know.

Background: We found simple inline surveys that we showed to 6% of users to be extremely effective in mobile and are keen to setup infrastructure to do this for desktop and mobile. We're trying to work out if we should create a new extension for this or add this functionality to SecurePoll.

See blocked task (the quarterly goal) for more information and overview -> T104439

I know it's a pain to set up but I'd rather have this as a separate extension. Have it do one thing well, and be focused. My 2 cents.

I'm fine if it seems like it should be somewhere else.

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While waiting for extension to be approved, QuickSurveys extension skeleton can be found here

Note: Include and resources folders excluded due to not containing anything.

Also how does this relate to the boiler plate in - did you use it at all? If not anything we can upstream? e.g. create a simpler boiler plate?

maybe add them with a README?

One solution that I've seen elsewhere and use myself is to add a .gitkeepfile – the opposite of .gitignore – to the otherwise empty directory that you want to add.

@Jdlrobson I did use BoilerPlate. @phuedx good to know, I'll add the empty directories.

Honestly I think that a new extension is likely better then trying to attach it to SecurePoll. While it's been used for some things that could be called surveys (like the image filter referendum) they are more referendum/plebiscite type votes even if they are given a "how much do you agree" type range. The whole extension is built around private voting and encryption and so would end up being incredibly cumbersome and awkward for a survey of the type discussed.

Change 229412 had a related patch set uploaded (by Robmoen):
QuickSurveys extension boilerplate commit

Should Gerrit – the Gerrit client, I guess – be configured to push to the dev branch?

Change 229412 merged by Jdlrobson:
QuickSurveys extension boilerplate commit

by the way.. why MIT license? Both Gather and MobileFrontend are GPL-2.0+ ...

You should request that a project be created on phabricator so bugs and feature suggestion can be made.

Change 230237 had a related patch set uploaded (by Robmoen):
QuickSurveys extension boilerplate commit

Change 230237 abandoned by Robmoen:
QuickSurveys extension boilerplate commit

This is done, i'm going to unblock the blocking phab task about creating the phab project.