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Restore delete.php
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After some tedious and silly debugging I confirmed that the queries still work, but there were some silly bugs caused by Labs incompatibilities.

  1. Reference to the toolserver.namespace table: replaced with [[| s51892_toolserverdb_p]].
  1. Access denied to table ".page" and so on: caused by using the dbname SELECT dbname, lang, family, url, slice FROM WHERE is_closed = 0; which does not work in Labs:
MariaDB [meta_p]> SELECT dbname FROM WHERE is_closed = 0 limit 1;
| dbname      |
| srwikibooks |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

but Labs requires the _p suffix to be used in queries. I added the suffix explicitly in each query just to be clearer.

  1. The loop had a $adomain[] = $row['domain']; which had to be $adomain[] = $row['url']; because that's the name of the column in meta_p.

There can be improvements (to be filed in this component) but for now the thing seems to work well. :)