Multiple references won't wrap
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Author: coeur

Description: When an article has many references, they won't wrap at the end of the line.

Origine: the reference numbers are separated by a non-breaking space & #160 ; (U+A0).

Fix: the reference numbers should be separated by a normal space (U+20).

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor


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The separator is set by using messages in the i18n file:

'cite_references_link_many_sep' => "\xc2\xa0",
'cite_references_link_many_and' => "\xc2\xa0",

Maybe they can just be removed, I am not sure if anyone would ever
need to customize them.

ais523 wrote:

On enwiki, the messages have already been customized to a breaking space as a
workaround for this bug: [[:w:en:MediaWiki:Cite references link many and]]. Nobody
seems to have complained yet, so changing the messages to be breaking spaces ( )
should fix the problem.

ayg wrote:

Fixed in r19790.

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