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Please generate a list of Most referenced domains on the Dutch Wikipedia
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I need this list. I can't generate it myself. describes how to get it.
See also T96927.

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Whoever plans to work on this should be aware of the conversation at .

@Elitre Hi! I made a list here. It is far, far, very far from good. I count ALL external links, not only references from main namespace, so it is only partialy what you probably need.

If such data is OK to you, I can make them for any project, but probably except English Wikipedia (too much data :D ). Just ping me at my Latvian Wikipedia talk page. If such list isn't OK, then - well, at least I tried :)

Hi @Edgars2007! Thank you so much for your work.
So these lists need to inform work related to Citoid. If a heavily used source on a given wiki is not working properly, an editor can write the related "translator" for Zotero to fix the issue.
Since writing translators for Zotero is not a laughable effort :/ , I worry about providing users with URLs to sites which are actually not used as a reference.
Can I ask you a favor, though? Could you generate a list like this one for I want to check and see if it actually turns out to be more useful than the one published at P691.
Again, thanks a lot!

Edgars2007 added a comment.EditedAug 31 2015, 10:32 AM

@Elitre Here you are. Created also for Spanish Wikipedia, so you/somebody else can take a look at differences from P654, if you want.

(Can you please describe the method you used, or at least say if it has anything to do with the one detailed in the task description? TY!)

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@Elitre, is there still an outstanding request here, or did Edgars2007's work take care of it? If so, feel free to close the task since you're the original requester.

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It looks like this request has been resolved. If I'm mistaken, feel free to reopen it.

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