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php.ini questions on payments1004
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I'm seeing a few unnerving things on payments1004:

  • Fatal errors and exceptions that burble to the top frame in PHP are not logged anywhere. For example, "ERR operation not permitted" should have been logged in payments.error or payments-orphan about 20 times, but there's only the one entry from when I livehacked a try-catch around the suspicious code block. We can't guarantee that last-chance error handlers will catch and log everything, we need PHP to log fatal exceptions by default.
  • The orphan slayer script dies after 30 seconds, and I can't tell if that's caused by a fatal error, or possible the php time_limit default?

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Just confirmed with a command-line PHP script that there's no 30-second time limit. Hopefully exception logging will reveal the issue!

Looks like the application is doing its own logging rather than using the php framework:

$wgDebugLogFile = '/var/log/mw/debug';
$wgDebugLogGroups = array( 'memcached-serious' => '/var/log/apache/memcached.log' );

However, I needed to add fr-tech to group www-data so they can read the logs.

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