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Implement a FlowLayout/HorizontalLayout, that would arrange its contents in a single line
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Let's implement a FlowLayout/HorizontalLayout in OOjs UI, that would arrange its contents in a single line (using display: inline-block for its items), with small margin inbetween them. It would be more convenient than using CSS for it all over the place.


  • Should it be a Layout or a Widget? A Layout would be "more correct", maybe, but it couldn't be directly used inside a FieldLayout, for example (you'd need to create a custom widget to "wrap" it; which might be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it).
  • Te name "FlowLayout" was inspired by an obscure GUI toolkit I'm fond of :P, which uses "stacks" and "flows" to lay out window content (, and we already have a StackLayout. "HorizontalLayout" might be more obvious.


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My vote is for HorizontalLayout. When I hear "Flow" in relation to MediaWiki I think of the discussion system.

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Intorduce HorizontalLayout

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